Condominium Cover Art

The cover art has been set for Condominium. Look for it October 12th. (Cover photo courtesy of Mindy Hans)

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Charles and Sarah are a typical New York creative class couple — he’s in finance, she works at a hipster small press, yet both are indie-rock East Village veterans who aren’t above snorting a little heroin on the weekends. But when they decide to take the logical next step and buy a condo in one of the glass-and-steel skyscrapers now dotting the waterfront of Williamsburg, their lives start to fall apart almost the moment after they sign their mortgage; and this is to say nothing of their creepy neighbors, their possibly haunted apartment, job crises in both their industries, and former friends still in Manhattan who are determined to pull them back into the debauchery. A touching ode to the a–holes ruining Brooklyn, this literary debut of “the Millennial John Updike” is a funny yet wistful dramedy about young urban life during the Great Recession, and you do not need to be a New Yorker yourself to enjoy his smart insights about city living and growing older…although that certainly doesn’t hurt.

CCLaP Publishing’s 2015 Catalog Released

CCLaP’s official 2015 catalog has been released.

There’s lots of good stuff on here, and nine books down you will find Condominium┬áby Daniel Falatko.

The brilliant literary debut of the “Millennial John Updike,” this is a warm ode to the middle-class assholes who are ruining Brooklyn, which doubles as a pretty effective black comedy to boot. Set in one of the infamous new glass skyscrapers along the edge of Williamsburg, Falatko paints a complex and touching portrait of a young creative-class couple in transition, examining how the Great Recession has sometimes effected subtly bizarre vengeance on the newest generation of young professionals just now entering “real life.”