New Novel Cometh

New novel alert.

Travels & Travails Of Small Minds will be released on October 15th through Ardent Press.

Anyone who is a fan of Condominium will flip over this one. It has all the elements of the debut (NYC culture satire, cartoonish decadence, razor dialogue, slapstick slacker characters) but is far more ambitions in its scope and execution. As a matter of fact, it is an international crime caper. The novel is a wild and borderline surreal tale which follows the sideways trajectory of an unwilling career temp worker stuck in the most nowhere of nowhere jobs. Nathan spends many a hungover morning and afternoon fetching coffee for his delusional slumlord boss in a dust-choked office on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Between gossiping with his lone co-worker in their dangerously untidy office, attempting to calm a drug-addled friend terrified of the internet, and dealing with a jealousy-ridden girlfriend, Nathan stumbles headfirst into a clumsy property scam which finds him unknowingly at the center. With a cast of characters including a dead beatnik legend, an eccentric and pompous collector of the beatnik’s works, a new love interest in the form of a tenant with unclear intentions, and a network of sociopathic former literature professors, a saga unfolds over eight days in August which sends Nathan careening through lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, the suburbs of England, and Beyond in a swirl of comedic intrigue.

  • An irreverent Goldfinch
  • Bret Easton Ellis with a faith in humanity
  • J.G. Ballard with a sense of humor
  • William S. Burroughs in a jaunty mood
  • A Jonathan Latimer noir mystery gone severely off the rails
  • Robert Ludlum stuck with a non-heroic, slacker protagonist
  • Updike after an operation which removed all heavy-handed cultural musings

More release info on the horizon. Thanks to Ardent for unleashing this madness.